Agents always wear branded things.
They say it’s better for business.
The t-shirt with the flashy “LV” logo is meant to show others how successful you are and in turn more people will trust you with their property transactions.
But I see this kind of show off mindset as a double -edged sword when it comes to work.
People may also take it the wrong way and judge you.
They may even discriminate you for seeming too wealthy , assuming you don’t NEED the commission and go with other agents instead.
Believe it or not just recently, I had this happen to me. Not once but twice. 😥
I had a very affluent couple who were looking to purchase a home with me.
I worked and worked.
I scoured the internet, databases and half of Singapore to seek out a suitable condominium that fit their requirements.
Finally, after several months filled to the brim with constant viewings and appointments with them, I managed to find their dream home.
It fit all their requirements and they were ready to make the purchase.
Suddenly, the next morning, I woke up to a message that this couple had gone forward with the sale … with another agent !
I was beyond flabbergasted.
I couldn’t even process what I was feeling but it was nauseating.
A mixture of betrayal, shock, despair and a pinch of anger.
I did not receive any explanation from this couple as to why they had turned on me.
A few weeks later, an agent friend of mine came to tell me that she had overheard the couple speaking to someone about me.
Apparently, the couple had caught a glimpse of my husband’s car and had judged my affluence by it.
They assumed that because I could afford to own a car like that, I shouldn’t need any more money.
I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I heard this.
I think it’s ridiculous because:
1) That is my husband’s car that he bought after slaving away at his corporate job for the past 30 years.
2) If people have worked extremely hard to have earned an honest living like I have, how are they undeserving of nice things or new business?
I will take this opportunity to tell you a little something about myself.
I’m a very frugal person.
For me, paying $1.50 for Tau Sar Piah (my fav biscuit 😁) is overpriced because I have learnt the value of money the hard way.
I’m a person who came from JB where my family of 5 squeezed and packed ourselves like sardines in a 1-bedroom low-cost flat.
Pictured above is the “Lumba Kuda” Flats where I lived during my childhood till the age of 12.
Maybe some of you remember seeing this as soon as you enter the causeway but it has since been demolished.
Growing up there, I watched as my parents struggled to earn a living to feed us and send us to school.
We ate meat only once a week on Sundays. And most days it was just plain rice and vegetables.
Maybe this upbringing has developed a scarcity mindset within me.
I wear the same clothes that I’ve had for past 20 years.
No holes, still can wear right?
I don’t dine out often and most certainly don’t own any LV t-shirts. But handbag yes haha. 😅
However, on occasion, if I carry the bag on my shoulder, does it mean I should be discriminated against?
Some days I carry a cloth bag that I got for FREE and on other days it’s a nice leather handbag.
But no matter what I wear or what car my husband drives, nothing changes the work that I do and the effort I painstakingly put in for every one of my clients.
I give my 101% every single day.
So being honest hard working person, don’t I get to enjoy the fruits of my labour and spoil myself a little?
As for my clients, I would rather have you judge my actions, past transactions and client testimonials.
I think those speak louder than my material belongings or my husband’s for that matter.
So if you like my work and your only concern is engaging an experienced agent to help build YOUR wealth through property,
I’m your man.
Happy to chat over coffee or zoom!
Sue 📲 wa.me/6598393599
Discover About Sue here 👉🏼 https://linktr.ee/suebeyondhomes

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