My son is taking his A’levels next year.

He keeps telling me that JC is very challenging, and he doesn’t know if he can make it even with all the tuition and extra supplementary classes.

So, whenever I have some time in between appointments and viewings, I try to sit down with him and supervise his revision.

I noticed that he skipped many of the wordier or more complicated questions in his chemistry paper without even attempting.

I asked him why he left them blank and didn’t even think to try.

He confided that he was afraid of approaching those questions because he wasn’t sure about the formula and didn’t want to get it wrong.

It was then that I realized the two reasons holding him back from excelling in his schoolwork.

Lack of knowledge and fear of failure.

I advised him to revisit the foundational concepts of his chemistry topics first before attempting questions and then attempt all questions without being afraid of being wrong.

There have been so many instances where I have seen the same thing happen to adults in the past.

They hold themselves back from a great property investment opportunity because they simply didn’t know how the property market works and were afraid that the plan would fall through, and they would lose their money in the process.

That’s why I take it upon myself to make sure all my clients have a good background knowledge of how the property market works and how they can use it to their advantage in creating wealth for themselves.

Armed with this information, they will feel more at ease when jumping into an investment opportunity that I present to them.

To combat their financial fears, I am also very clear and transparent with my clients.

I make sure to create detailed graphs, figures and charts to map out all their finances, profits and the required capital so they know exactly what they are getting into.

In fact, before I event present an opportunity, I consider cooling measures or the chance of developers lowering their prices for a new launch.

With this extensive research, I can ensure that whatever suggestion I put forward will provide high ROIs for my clients while protecting their finances.

When my clients see all this information and laid out in front of them, the idea of owning an investment property seems so much less daunting and they gain the confidence to take the life-changing step towards financial freedom.

This is the promise I make to all my readers and clients.

I will be there to soothe your worries and hold your hand throughout your property journey, so you will always have nothing to fear!



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