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A few months ago, my close friend, also an agent, invited me for her housewarming.

The place looked really good, so we were all shocked when she revealed to us
how much she spent on renovation costs alone.

For a house of her size, the total cost was below average.

20,000 SGD for a 5 RM HDB?
How can?

She told us her secret, in between giggles, that she had bought all her furniture from Taobao and had used an app to design a virtual interior design plan.

She then hired a team of contractors to do the work.

I asked her how she had managed to do all by herself.

She had to cut back on work and didn’t manage to get any business during this time.

She said it took her up to 6 hours every night to learn how to use the various features in the app.

This really startled me.

I started to wonder why she went to such lengths to save money.

She could have saved time by contracting an ID to do the tedious work for her.

If she had put that same time and effort into her work, she would have been able to earn more than she would have saved.

Additionally, a week ago, she told me she had to hire another contractor to redo her bathroom because her Taobao shower head was rusting, and the carpentry work did not hold up well.

I felt so bad that even having sacrificed so much, she was having to fork out extra cash and even more time to fix the issues in her house.

This made me realize how true it is when people say working harder is not the way to success.

Working smarter and taking the time to calculate, strategize and plan your moves before executing is always better than slogging away for minimal results.

I thought back on how when I used to chase every single lead for my property listings, I would always end up burnout, with so much time and effort wasted on my end.

But how I worked changed drastically.

I was more efficient and skilled to serve my clients better, giving them my all.

I’m so glad that finding the right balance between hard work and smart work has enabled me to provide my clients with an unparalleled level of personalized service, giving them 100% satisfaction after every successful transaction.

I know, these days, many buyers try to DIY when sourcing for a new home, doing their own research and scouting places on their own time.

A word of caution is to make sure you are using your time efficiently. Engaging an agent who can run down to your house to conduct viewings at odd hours of a working day saves you so much trouble especially if you are a working.

It also gets tricky to do a DIY transaction if you are looking to buy a new property before selling your old home. There is a ton of paperwork and finances to deal with.

One single mistake can cost you dearly.

So, with all that added effort and money that you will have to fork out anyway, it will be more cost-effective (and less headache lah) to just pay the agent commission fee.

The time you have saved, you can then invest into your work, spending quality time with loved ones or simply going on fun shopping trips to prepare for your new home.

And you can do so with your sanity intact and your wallet happy.😉💰

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