Seller’s Guide To Selling Homes Fast & At Record Prices




I’ll tell you how.

When decorating your home, it’s all about you.

You paint the walls with the colours your Feng Shui master suggested or the shade of green that just really makes your heart sing.

Your floors are lined with your baby’s yellow play mat because it keeps her safe while she attempts to take her first steps.
These are things we do to make our house a home.

But what happens when you decide to sell your house ?

Things change.

The potential buyer’s viewing experience becomes our TOP priority.

As an agent, it is my responsibility to ensure that your home gets sold as fast as possible and for the highest price.
A quick and easy tip to improve your home’s salability is to ensure your house looks clean , uncluttered with the walls painted in earthy neutral colours (eg. beige , white , cream ).

This is the main reason why I am able to sell my client’s homes at RECORD prices, above market value.

To allow the new buyer to envision creating their own space within your house, we have to give them a clean slate to work with.

This starts with repainting your home and removing bright-coloured decor items and carpets.

It is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to increase your home’s value and achieve high capital gain.

Yes, I know what you are thinking.

“Yeah it’s better but so mahfan leh who wants to do?”

Yes, I understand it is a hassle. It takes so much time and effort on my client’s part to go through the process of decluttering, repainting their house, and then cleaning up after. 

A lot of work. 

I know.

But that’s why I’m so grateful that my clients actually agree to do it despite the inconvenience to them.

This is what I implemented during the sale of my client’s home pictured below.

 The bright pandan green walls were repainted in a crisp white, enhancing the overall appearance of the home. 🏡

Sure enough, this home was sold within a week at a record price 😉

Thank you for your support !

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Sue 📲