“2023 no need property agent anymore ah?”

With smartphones and laptops, everything is pretty much digitalized these days.

Whatever junk you have lying at home, you can sell it on Carousel, just list it on your profile lor.

The other day I was having lunch at the food court near my place when I overhead someone at the next table say that she wanted to sell her HDB.

Whenever someone mentions property, my eyes shoot up but what she said next made me stop in my tracks.

“Anyway, no need agent all that, must pay extra fees. I just list my house on Carousel and see who buy.”
I realized that many buyers and sellers don’t understand how complex it is to complete a property transaction smoothly.

You need ample of experience, skill and even connections in the industry in order to sell a house fast AND at a RECORD price.

I really learned the hard way the other day that not everything can be DIY following a YouTube tutorial in the comfort of your home.

I wanted to trim my golden retriever’s paws at home because I saw some other dog owners doing it too.
Plus, it costs a bomb if we were to bring our golden in for grooming every other month.

However, things didn’t go so well.

He was moving about so much, unwilling to stand still.

I was constantly afraid that I would clip the nail bed and hurt him.

In that moment, I thought to myself that some things are just not worth the risk.

Not everything can be done yourself, especially if you didn’t undergo the extensive training required for the task.

Just like agents, the groomers probably underwent vigorous training and practice in order to groom pets without causing them harm and distress.

I thought to myself that if I hurt my dog in the process, I would feel so guilty because my had dog trusted me fully.

When you engage an agent, you put your full trust in their hands for a reason.

They have so much experience in the market with several transactions every month or year.

They know what they are doing and the very best way to do it.

I always work my hardest to ensure that my clients always get optimal results.

I have never failed them and that’s why they continue to trust me and even recommend my services to friends and family.

And I am so grateful for their faith and confidence in me because I am nothing without it.

Thank you for your deep trust in me !

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