Snip , Squeeze and Scrape

Y’all, as I snipped my toothpaste tube in half the other day, I thought if many others did the same. 🤔

When your tube of toothpaste is nearing its end, do you fold it multiple times to squeeze every drop, or do you cut it in half to expose all the paste stuck in the tiny crevices of the tube like me?

With inflation at its highest now, these little costs add up to exorbitant amounts.

Call me frugal but as a person from humble beginnings, I cannot bear the thought of opening a new tube when I haven’t retrieved all that is left in the old one. 😬

Likewise, I have a strong inclination to do the same through my work.

I know how hard it is to earn a living.

So, I sweat, squeeze and snip away till I bring out the most value in every transaction, for each and every client of mine.

For my sellers, I try my level best to squeeze as much as possible from the buyer to get the highest price possible.

For my buyers, I negotiate the best deal possible to ensure they get their dream home without overpaying for it.

We are in the midst of an uncertain market right after the recent cooling measures and if you are unsure of for your next move, I am here for a chat. 😊

Rest assured you are in good hands. 🤗

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