Do you still need property agents in 2023 ?


“2023 no need property agent anymore ah?”

With smartphones and laptops, everything is pretty much digitalized these days.

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Snip , Squeeze and Scrape


Y’all, as I snipped my toothpaste tube in half the other day, I thought if many others did the same. 🤔

When your tube of toothpaste is nearing its end, do you fold it multiple times to squeeze every drop, or do you cut it in half to expose all the paste stuck in the tiny crevices of the tube like me?


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Should you engage a property agent or just DIY ?

A few months ago, my close friend, also an agent, invited me for her housewarming.

The place looked really good, so we were all shocked when she revealed to us
how much she spent on renovation costs alone.

For a house of her size, the total cost was below average.

20,000 SGD for a 5 RM HDB?
How can?


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IN Singapore, we always joke and say “BTO AI MAI ?” is the best and most effective way to propose to your girlfriend. 💍


But it’s actually true.


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Seller’s Guide To Selling Homes Fast & At Record Prices



I’ll tell you how.


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An Ode To My Clients



I was having dinner with my family last week at P.S cafe after a weekend of hustling and rushing to appointments.

We love going there because the food comes in larger portions, tastes good , so it’s totally worth what you pay.

This time, when my usual order of fish and chips was served, something seemed different. The fish fillet was smaller, the fries portion reduced and the usual side vegetables was completely gone! 😳



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