An Ode to My Clients


I was having dinner with my family last week at P.S cafe after a weekend of hustling and rushing to appointments.

We love going there because the food comes in larger portions, tastes good , so it’s totally worth what you pay.

This time, when my usual order of fish and chips was served, something seemed different. The fish fillet was smaller, the fries portion reduced and the usual side vegetables was completely gone! 😳

But of course the price was still the same or even higher if you consider the GST hike. Inflation is a silent killer and eating out is becoming more of a luxury.

I thought about how many more deals I would have to close, how many late night and sacrificed weekends it was going to take me to maintain a decent standard of living in the current economy, with prices going up like never before.

Even with trips to NTUC , I notice the receipt total being higher than before although I was buying my normal grocery list.

Being an agent, we don’t have a base salary to work with and so working on commission, some months we bring in no income at all even after putting hours of tireless effort into closing a deal.

 It’s not easy.

I feel defeated at times, wanting to give up when my effort goes unrecognised.

100% Input , 0% Output.

But I can’t quit. 

I have to brush my feelings aside and work twice as hard, putting in 200% to see a fragment of the returns as my marketing cost has also gone up significantly.

But there is one thing that truly makes being a realtor worthwhile. 

My clients.

The incredible people who trust me wholeheartedly are the reason I do this.

I strive to provide them with a niche that they can’t find elsewhere. A unique edge that gives them the most advantageous and seamless property transactions in the market.

I don’t mind all the hard work just to it pay off when I see my clients joy when they get their new homes. 🏡
I want to thank those special people for your unending support and trust.

 You are the reason I do what I do 🤍

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Sue 📲